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Bacon Coconut mozzarella cheese Gravy with a clue of Chili


12 slices Bacon3/4 glass leader Roasted chicken Gravy Mix1/2 mug colder water2 cups Coconut milk products in a may (unsweetened)1 mug Shredded razor-sharp cheddar cheese3/8 teaspoon Crushed red pepper12 Baked buttermilk biscuits for serving


  1. In a sizable skillet, make bacon over medium heat until golden-brown and crisp flipping once. Drain written down bath towels next crumble 6 slices bacon (reserve the rest of 6 slices bacon).
  2. In a dish, whisk together gravy mix and h2o until lump complimentary.
  3. Placed coconut whole milk into a big saucepan and heat over media stirring from time to time until heated up. Put the gravy combine on the saucepan and whisk until smooth.
  4. Decrease heat to medium-low, put cheddar mozzarella cheese into the saucepan and whisk until cheese melts away.
  5. Include smashed red-colored pepper and bacon crumble towards saucepan and blend.
  6. To provide, set cookies (2 each helping) on each portion plate. Pour the bacon coconut parmesan cheese gravy over the cookies. Cut the reserved bacon pieces into 1 / 2 then put 2 halved cuts bacon outrageous of each portion.

Briskets N’ Gravy


Leftover brisket (or chuck roast)Your favorite Tx dry-rub or seasoning

  • Fiesta herbs
  • Uncle dating site Chris’s Steak Wipe
  • Jalapeno Sodium

2 servings Water1 pkg leader Peppered Gravy MixBread/toast of choiceBiscuits of your choosing


  1. Slice the chuck roast into about 1” – 1.5” cubes.
  2. Month together with your preferred Texas Dry Rub or seasoning. This is making use of a mix of Fiesta Spices (Another Texas team) Uncle Chris’s Steak wipe & Jalapeno sodium.
  3. Place on the tobacco user lower and slow at 225F.
  4. Smoke until internal heat is 165F, next devote a cast iron skillet and address before internal temp are 205F.
  5. Shred the used cubes and go the chicken aside. Remove the Au-jus
  6. Include 1.5 glasses of liquid and boil
  7. Blend the leader Peppered Gravy Mix with ? Cup of chilled water.
  8. Pour this back into the skillet and let the gravy thicken.
  9. Atart exercising . more pepper if you would like. Keep it low and slow for the skillet until it is thickened towards liking.

For Colorado Toast

  1. Take some of the removed Au-Jus and place a bit of this about loaves of bread and your favored Colorado dry rub seasoning
  2. Warm each side until the bread becomes toasted a little.

For Biscuits

  1. Make use of best biscuit menu or use store-bought biscuits if necessary.

Creamy Pepper Pork & Butternut Porridge Oats with Apples


2 tablespoons Unsalted butter, divided2 tablespoons Extra-virgin coconut oil, divided1 3/4 – 2 lbs Lean pork loin boneless, reduce into 2-inch cubes1 teaspoon Celery seeds1/2 tsp each sodium and land black pepper2/3 cup nice red-colored pepper, julienne cut3 Shallots, peeled and sliced1 pkg leader Roasted Pork Gravy combine (1.41 oz):

  • Plus for creating gravy mix: a cupful boiling-water and a cupful whole milk
  • Next, create ready gravy: *1 mug Pioneer Roasted chicken Gravy combine, prepared with half dairy and 1 / 2 liquid

Butternut Porridge Oats with Apples1 cup Water1 glass Half and half2 glasses Quick one-minute design oats1 1/2 cups Prepared cooked butternut squash, slash into 1-inch cubes1 1/4 mug cooked cored and prepared granny smith or macintosh oranges, slash into 1-inch cubes1 teaspoon crushed cinnamon1/2 to 1/4 teaspoon Freshly ground nutmeg(*1 mug master Roasted Pork Gravy, prepared with half dairy and 1 / 2 drinking water)

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